Scene: Ballistic Renault Clio V6 RenaultSport

Updated: September 21, 2009


There is absolutely no reason for a Clio needing a V6 engine. There is even less good sense in putting said V6 it in the back, where the rear seats should be.  It’s the sort of thing a car company run by 16 year olds would do. Which is why we love it.

There’s no boot, there’s no back seat, the fuel consumption is awful and the suspension solid. This particular beauty had a 188kW V6, giving it acceleration figures of 5.9 second for the 100km/h mark, and a 246km/h top speed.

Most importantly though the Clio V6 was rear-wheel drive. With all the weight sitting at the back, the handling was livelier than a bag of rats. When the roads were dry the Clio  preferred exiting most corners sideways and handling in the wet was hilarious.

Rare, expensive, deadly. Wonderful stuff.


Location: Seapoint Main Rd



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