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Scene: Google StreetView Prius in Cape Town

Updated: November 11, 2009

Google is so clever its a bit frightening sometimes. The whole “indexing the world” mission they seem to be on is cool when you’re searching for your favourite film star in her skants but its a little bit disconcerting when they rock up outside your house with ET sitting on top of a Prius. I spotted this one in Milnerton.

google street view cape town

I couldn’t see the driver so who knows whether they’re actually human or not. Honestly, who’s going to drive around all day while some wizardry on the roof takes pictures every splitsecond, sending it back to the mothership? And they’re calling their new cellphone software Android. I think I’m going to start using Bing.

Anyway, here’s a list of the top ten most confusing accidents caught on google street view around the world, compiled by the superduper chaps at


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