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This weeks car-related musical interlude

Updated: March 17, 2011

As some you of may well know, articles that begin with the words “as some of you may well know” are designed to make you feel like you’re missing something which other ‘cool’ people haven’t missed, thereby single-handedly making you feel like a wallpaper artist and making the thing you miss sound infinitely more awesome than it is.

Anyway, we chat about cars for half an hour every week on 2OceansVibe Radio, SA’s first internet radio station that actually works or is vaguely interesting, or in this case, both. You can download last week’s podcast here, or visit their site to listen live. We’re on from 8:30 every Thursday, with Rich Hardiman and the lovely Gen Akel.

They’ve let us choose the music too and this week we went with Crocodiles: Hearts of Love, because its a killer tune but mostly because they drive around in a grand old Porsche 924 on some sundrenched freeways. Enjoy.