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Most Powerful Ferrari Ever Launches Tomorrow – Plus Teaser Image

Updated: February 28, 2012

As we reported yesterday, Ferrari is using the auspicious occasion of a leap year to launch the most powerful road car they’ve ever made. To be dubbed the F620 GT, the car will replace the 599 and will probably have in the region of 700 horsepower, which is conveniently right up the nostrils of the (orgasmic) Lamborghini Aventador. Whether or not it will also shoot blue flames is as yet unconfirmed.

Here’s another teaser image in the mean time. This is a sketch (a pretty decent one) that Jalopnik is reporting is pretty close to the real thing, according to people who have seen the car in the metal.

I know tomorrow the almost-civil war in Syria will rage on, droughts will continue, people will lose their jobs and economies will crash, but it’s a nice little escape to focus for two minutes on something so splendid and pointless as a new Ferrari.

We’ll have full coverage on Overdrive, so check back tomorrow (Feb 29).

For yesterday’s coverage plus official teaser video, click here.

Ciro De Siena


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