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New Audi A1 Snow Drifting

Updated: February 21, 2012

Click on the image for full size.

I just know that seeing a little A1 snow drifting will bring a little joy to your life, so here we go. Hello new little mad Audi! That right there is a limited edition, 250hp, 2.0 litre A1. The engine  is probably nicked straight from the Golf GTi/Audi S3; consider this a properly insane little project. Only 333 will be made, all left hand drive, which means we won’t be seeing them in SA because of our daft left hand drive laws.

They’ll be on sale in the UK for just over ₤40,000, which (before our daft car tax) is nearly R500 000, so I doubt they would have been too popular regardless.

Ciro De Siena


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