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Driven: Ferrari 458 Spider, Plus Live In Studio Video

Updated: April 26, 2013
overdrivetv ferari 458 italia expresso ciro gavin (3)

This morning, in a first for South African television, we had the stunning Ferrari 458 Spider as our live in-studio guest. We’ve got a beautiful gallery and, as you might imagine, the video from the broadcast right here.

Being handed the key to this car, and driving it off the showroom floor at Viglietti Cape Town, was quite simply one of the most memorable moments of my life. What an exceptional car. If you’re not a muppet car journalist like myself and Gav, you will need 4 million of your ZAR’s to park one of these on your driveway. Totally worth it.

Here’s the live broadcast, with two films we made last week and broadcast live this morning, where Gavin and I do our very best to try and explain what it feel like to drive one of Ferrari’s finest.

Photos courtesy of the rather excellent Vorsprung Studios.




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