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  • south africa petrol price decrease drop

    Petrol Drops 73c Per Litre Across South Africa On May 1st

    This TuesFriday (Fruesday?) just gets better and better. We’ve snapped a photo of some South Africans reacting to the news that the  petrol and diesel price will both decrease big time...

  • honda odyssey vacuum cleaner (8)

    This Car Has A Vacuum Cleaner

    Nothing says the future is here quite like this. Those thoughtful geniuses at Honda have answered the prayers of dog owners and pro-creators everywhere, and fitted a vacuum cleaner in the back of...

  • i bought a firetruck 3

    I Bought A Fire Truck

    Follow your dreams they said. Believe in yourself they said. And then before you know it, you’re 32, spending 9 hours in an office everyday and all you want to do...

  • stephen ireland girlfriend bentley

    No Man Is An Ireland.

    Gavin is in pain. He loves football, but sometimes he just can't forgive and forget about what these footballists do to very good cars. Steel yourself for the images of this...

  • motor show girl geneva (9)

    Motor Girl Monday: Geneva Goddess

    We’re reprising our popular Motor Girl Monday series with a Scandinavian Goddess from this years Geneva show. The cars aren’t the only reason we love going to car shows. We don’t...

  • renault race

    Watch: Renaults Take On Red Bull F1 Car

    We’ve just had the sensational Renault Clio Sport RS Gordini Popular Brand Of Energy Drink Edition on review at Overdrive, and while there is scant video available online, we did find...

  • skyfall stig (4)

    Old Stig Is Skyfall Stunt Driver

    The movie going experience is something that doesn’t excite me in the slightest. Queuing for massively overpriced popcorn, queuing for tickets, queuing to get in to the actual theatre. Bleh. It’s...

  • jumping gallardo

    A Picture Of A Gallardo With All Four Wheels In The Air

    Good morning! I thought I’d quickly show you this quite insane photograph of a jumping Lamborghini. Click on it for a very large version which you can use as a wallpaper...

  • Go duning in Cape Town. Thank me later.

    Disclaimer: This article was written for a touristy publication but was dropped due to space restrictions. It’s a bit wanky and not my usual style. Don’t judge me. But there’s tonnes...

  • Nascar Sundays: “Lifting is for losers!” [+video]

    Gavin and Ciro finally sit through an entire Nascar race. For better or for worse, we're now part of the largest sporting congregation on earth.

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