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  • overdrivetv top gear festival (2)

    We Meet The Stig!

    The Top Gear Festival in Durban is absolutely remarkable. And to make sure you know that it’s coming back for a third year in 2014, we were forced...

  • Alfa Romeo 4C Spider rear

    Alfa 4C Spider. Avert Your Eyes!

    No words necessary.

  • SLK-Klasse

    It's So Red! Mercedes SLK 250 AMG

    I don’t like convertibles. Wait, let me try that again. I don’t like convertibles all the time, and I think it’s difficult to live with one in South...

  • Aston Martin video cape town

    We Film The Aston Martin Rapide

    We try to capture the beauty and beautiful noise of the Aston Martin Rapide S, and put it head to head with it’s fiercest rival, the Hyundai i10....

  • Nissan Juke south africa diesel (7)

    "Spunky", "Funky" Nissan Juke

    My optometrist drives one of these. Which means its looks are either for the exceptionally blind or really keen sighted punters. And this from a company whose diverse...

  • New Toyota Corolla (1)

    New Corolla Is Actually Interesting

    We promise. Ciro even made a video to prove it.

  • LR_Range_Rover_Location_32_LowRes

    Watch a Range Rover Park Itself

    The new Range Rover is so advanced, you can eat and drive at the same time. Two of my favourite things. So I made a video about it....

  • nissan leaf south africa

    We drive the Nissan Leaf For TV

    South Africa’s first electric car has just landed. It’s called the Leaf and it is the trailblazer for the foreseeable future: VW’s e-Golf and BMW’s i3 will only...